Interior & Exterior Lighting St. Catharines

Interior & Exterior Lighting St. Catharines

Interior lighting and your home should work hand in hand in regards to the overall lighting specifics of your home. A contemporary home should have lights that are bright and warm. For homes that have a darker tone, it should have a dim or low lighting to match and balance the house. When searching for indoor lighting equipment, try to balance the kind of lighting equipment you buy from the room you will be
putting it into.

Before installing exterior lighting, you’ll want to agree on locations for the proposed lighting, kinds of fixtures and control systems.

Walk around your home to assess your security/safety needs looking for areas that may be a problem. One option is to light a path from the start of your front porch all the way to the door. If you have shrubbery close to the entryway, use lighting to remove shadows. A long or
steep flight of stairs should also have lights in or around the stairs for safety.

If you light your driveway with floodlights, make sure they are installed at least 10 feet above the ground as this will keep the light from blinding drivers.  

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